Thursday, December 1, 2011

Progress! And the Storymakers Conference!

I had an exciting moment this morning. When I stepped on the scale, my weight had hit a new low. Hooray! (When I say new low, I mean new low for my current life--as in I now weigh about what I did twenty years ago . . . when I was nine months pregnant with my first daughter. Yeah . . . I've changed a little since then, huh?) This is great progress for me, and I'm very excited about it. I've lost eighteen pounds since this summer. I want to hit my goal weight by the beginning of May. And no, I won't worry if December is a bit slow on the weight-loss front or even involves some backsliding, what with Christmas and all. Mmm, treats. I'm hoping to reach my goal weight by the beginning of May--hoping to fit into that red dress for the Whitney gala--so I have five more months to go.

Speaking of which, today is the day that registration opens for the LDStorymakers Writers Conference 2012. Yay! Attendance is capped at 450 people per day this year, so if you're interested in going, make sure to register fast (I got word this morning that one of the agent's pitch sessions was already full--the conference organizers were going to see if they could add more sessions, but right now, there's a waiting list for that agent). I am SO excited for the Storymakers Conference. I absolutely love it--it's an excellent conference and it is so fun to hang out with a bunch of writers. Are you planning to attend the conference? Have you registered?