Friday, July 29, 2011

My New Cover!

I am thrilled to introduce the cover to my upcoming novel, Rearview Mirror. Didn't the designer do an awesome job? The book will be released in October.

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. Summer has been crazy--we were on vacation, then returned with only three weeks left until Girls Camp (I'm the Stake Camp Director--ack!), so we have the final camp Prep and Panic to do, and in the midst of that, the edit for Rearview Mirror arrived in my inbox. Life is NOT boring! But I turned in the edit this morning--yay!--and we've got a week and a half remaining until Girls Camp, and things should work out provided I never answer my phone again, because answering the phone in the weeks before camp is just asking for trouble.

I'll resurface again when camp is over and hope to report that NO ONE GOT A STOMACH BUG. Unlike last year . . .