Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Winners!

At the Storymakers Conference, Liz Adair did a fantastic job of organizing door prizes. At each meal or general gathering, attendees had the chance to win books, and Liz showed a picture of each book cover and a blurb about the book up on the screen so everyone in attendance could see the prizes. Great promo for those who donated--thanks, Liz! When the winners collected their prizes, the prize committee took a picture of the winner and book, which is totally fun.

Here is the winner of Methods of Madness--Karen Hoover!

And here is the winner of Fool Me Twice--Carolyn Frank!

I haven't received a picture of the winner of Cold as Ice, but if one arrives, I'll post it. Congrats to the winners and I hope you enjoy the books!

I didn't win anything, but that's probably just as well, given the number of books I already own, including the number of books in bins in the garage. And the number of books sitting in a box and a bin in the hall. And those books in bags that I need to give to Deseret Industries, but which are currently sitting on my piano. Anyway, usually I come home from the Storymakers Conference with a pile of books that I bought at the bookstore. This year, I only came home with one--Annette Lyon's Chocolate Never Faileth. I wasn't exercising some fantastic wave of self-control (Ha ha! Self-control in a bookstore?), but rather I have a new method of reading most LDS fiction: my Kindle. I love being able to buy LDS fiction at the click of a mouse. And though e-books aren't nearly as pretty as paper books with their shiny covers, e-books don't stack up in piles and I can have them with me wherever I go. Long line at the grocery store? No problem! Got my Kindle.

I'm currently reading The List, by Melanie Jacobson. Another book on the to-buy-for-Kindle list: The Kiss of a Stranger, by Sarah M. Eden. Two romances?? What's come over me? But Melanie has a very fun, witty voice on her blog, and I wanted to give her book a try, and I enjoyed Sarah's Whitney finalist Courting Miss Lancaster, and want to read more by her. But I'm still not a romance fan, so don't be expecting lots of kissy stuff in my books. Though my upcoming book does include a kiss and aww, it's a nice kiss. There's hope for me yet, right?


  1. I loved Sarah's book, Kiss of a Stranger. It was the first book I ever bought on my Kindle and it was worth every penny! And could you have just two or three kisses in your book? Pretty please? Like the ending scene or something? ;)

  2. I gave Chocolate Never Faileth to my mum for Mother's Day. It was just too scrumptious (and adorable) to pass up.

    I completely spaced and forgot a few of the books I planned to grab in the bookstore though, so I'm glad to hear there are so many available on the Kindle now. Woot!

  3. I thought you were going to say you weren't exercising self control because you bought a chocolate cookbook.

    I'm glad you blogged. Wednesday just wouldn't be the same without a word from Stephanie.

  4. Yeah, we've gotten 3 or 4 blogs out of her this week! Way to make us not miss the Six so much! =)

    Now, is the kiss in your upcoming book after he dives off the cliff and takes over the submarine, or is it in the scene where she saves his life by sucking out the rattlesnake venom? So hard to keep track. No, I remember! It's after she spends all night successfully re-creating the lost cupcake recipe his mother had. You're right, that was a sweet kiss.

  5. Julie, ONE kiss per book is all I allow! No more kissing!

    Just kidding. My last two books actually had more smoochy stuff than that. Jon, no, it was the scene after he repaints her house and adds that love message on the front porch in glow-in-the-dark paint that she can't see until the sun goes down, but it takes her a while to notice it because of the ninja attack.

    Kimberly, I agree--the designer did a fantastic job on Chocolate Never Faileth!

    Thanks, Bonnie. And yeah, I probably should have brought a beans and celery cookbook.

  6. I've got to request a Kindle for my birthday-no, too late, it was in February. For mother's day--oops, too late for that, too. Christmas? No, too far away from now. Sheesh, when is the next special occasion? First day of Summer? Ah, 4th of July! Surely this would be a day special enough to give myself a present, don't you think? Then I could start collecting ebooks and carry them around in my purse too.

    You do realize that everyone who won your books most likely already read your books. Just sayin'. . .

  7. Debra, I think tomorrow would be a special day--the perfect day to get a Kindle!

    If they already read the books, they can always use them as birthday presents. Or Christmas presents. Or 4th of July presents. Or read them again! :)

  8. Thanks for the shout out! I am soooooo crossing my fingers that you like The List.

    And I have to say, I've read all but your first book (I will, though!) and I must say, they are excellent. But kisses are always a great bonus. Just not right before a bomb defusion or something. That's all.

  9. Thank you, Melanie! There is a kiss or two in my first book, just to let you know :)

    And yes, I'm enjoying The List. Fun book!

  10. lol. there's always hope for romance!

    And I know those people you posted pictures of! how cool is that? :)