Monday, September 19, 2011

The 2011 Fiction Haiku Fest of Funness

Years ago, on Six LDS Writers and a Frog, we had a haiku contest. When I looked back over the entries this past spring, I laughed like crazy. I think it's time for the another haiku fest--we won't call it a contest, since we're not competing with each other, but rather seeking to entertain the absolute heck out of each other.

You remember haiku from high school English class, right? Five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, five in the third. But our topic is not nature or seasons--it's fiction. Your haiku can have anything to do with books or authors. It can be serious or funny, dumb or brilliant. But it can't be rude, crude, or insult anyone or their work, or it'll get the axe. Our goal is to have fun, not make fun of anyone's books. You can enter as many times as you want. 

Some examples from books I've read recently:

Inspired by Garden Plot, by Kristen McKendry

Body in the beans
I hate it when that happens
But that cop is cute

Inspired by Bloodbourne, by Gregg Luke

Gregg Luke writes creepy
Stories about mosquitoes
Bring on the Off

Inspired by Honeymoon Heist, by Anna Jones Buttimore

If you take a bag
Filled with the bad guy's money
You'll have a bad week

Anybody want to play? One week from today, on Monday, September 26th, I'll draw a random winner from the entries (so the more haiku you write, the more chances you'll have to win). The winner will receive a copy of my novel, Rearview Mirror, which will be released in just a couple of weeks.

A haiku in honor of the book's release:

A new book coming
Nervous, I will be checking
Goodreads all the time

Find your inner poet and let's write some haiku!


  1. For the author of Rearview Mirror:

    My sister writes books
    Sleep with the light on type books
    She was a weird kid

  2. Edit this one if you want:

    The past: a car crash.
    Old boyfriend and his dead mother are
    Driving me insane! Oh, brother!

  3. Dang, it's syllables, not words, sorry. Edit to:

    The past: a car crash.
    Old boyfriend and dead mother
    Driving me insane!

    Bonus, from a WIP:

    I am not alone.
    Brother is dead. Am I next?
    It's all relatives.

  4. I am a writer
    but I am incapable
    of writing Haiku

  5. These are so fun. The only "poetry" I can do is a limerick. Must be my Irish blood. =D

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  7. (note: I stink at counting syllables.)

    Forbidden choc'late
    Urges to write many words.
    Revenge is so sweet.

  8. This is is about my novel, "Trapped."

    Lured to the Austrian Alps.
    Caught in deadly trap.
    Can she end the evil's curse?

  9. Just finished reading 'Daddy's Little Girl' by Mary Higgins Clark . . . shiver . . .

    She wanted to love,
    Someone mad had other plans.
    She didn't make it.

  10. From my own book, Carving Angels:

    A carver no more.
    His small granddaughter inspires,
    And brings back the light.

  11. Thanks for the entries! This is awesome.

  12. How funny! I haven't written a Haiku since high school but here goes. I just read Tristi Pinkston's latest book, HANG 'EM HIGH. You'll need to read it to understand, but you know Tristi is pretty funny. :)

    Rachelle's Haiku

    Ida Mae solves crimes
    Without mail-order monkeys.
    Saves the day and horses.

  13. Just started reading one of your long-recommended books by Bickham:

    Reading about forms,
    A story, to be believed,
    it has to be scened

    (You can see I favor the puns in the last line)

  14. Describing "Fly by Night" and "Fly Trap" by Frances Hardinge:

    Eyebrowless Mosca
    and her homicidal goose
    turn towns upside down

  15. From "How to Be an American Housewife" by Margaret Dilloway:

    Family secrets
    make the wide Pacific sea
    more impassable