Monday, October 15, 2012

Donuts and a Booksigning. Also, Seeking Reviewers

Donuts . . . see, here's the thing. We have the tradition of making homemade donuts sometime in October. I loved it when my mother would make them when I was a kid, and we've started doing it once a year. It's not the sort of thing I really want to do more than once a year, since, hey, do I really want dozens of greasy, sugary, delicious donuts waiting for me to devour them? (Maybe . . . ). Plus, it's a production and leaves the kitchen and dining room coated in flour, grease, and sugar, and the sink and counter stacked with dirty dishes. So, once a year is good.

But--I know this is shocking--I'm thinking of crossing the October donut-making off the list. With my two older daughters gone at college and my very slim and disciplined husband controlling his intake, there are just not enough people eating enough of them. He did eat a bunch last night, but I don't think he's had any today (!!) I don't think my older son is that keen on them. And in an unfortunate twist of fate, my younger two children felt icky with colds today, so they weren't consuming much. But never fear--I made up for EVERYONE. I will not tell you how many I ate today but it was a HUGE NUMBER (okay, I don't actually know the number, but I know it was huge). And there are some in the freezer, and some not in the freezer that are going stale even as we speak, and it's like, man, that's it--if I'm the only one pigging out like crazy, it's time for a new tradition. Next year we will line carrots up on the table and decorate them with flax seed and balsamic vinegar, after which we will do pushups. Or maybe I'll change my mind by next year . . .

And now, moving on to other news that doesn't involve the oddity of whining because my family didn't eat enough junk food. I was able to do a booksigning at the Beehive Bookstore in Campbell, CA as part of their Ladies' Night celebration, and it was super fun. The staff there was so nice and the customers were great, and I got to try a Tres Leches cupcake. One of the staff made them from Josi Kilpack's recipe, from her new book of the same name. Here's a picture (not of the cupcake--I ate the cupcake; I didn't pose with it).

And lastly: I'm looking for a few people who would like to review Shadowed. If you are interested, email me at emailstephanieblack (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. I used to make donuts for fall conference. Not anymore for the exact reasons you name. When the three teen boys grew up and left home, taking their appetites with them, there just weren't enough people eating them.

  2. You know, if you look at a donut from the right perspective, it's a zero. It must mean zero calories, right?

    I like a nice Krispy Kreme or two (glazed, sugar) Any more than that and I feel sick. Bravo Stephanie for having such a good constitution that you can eat more. =)

    I need to go pick up a copy of Shadowed at Seagull, then I can review it. (I feel a little bit ashamed that I haven't bought it yet.) Reading is good - it usually makes me want to write, which is good, too.

  3. I always make scones for conference on Saturday morning. Luckily, I still have lots of big eaters at home. I'd be happy to do a review, I'll send you an email.

  4. The donuts sound good. Congrats on your new release. I just love the cover.