Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodreads and Labor Day

I got my new book posted on Goodreads. Hooray! Also, as my two-year-old niece would say, holy yikes. Why oh why was I so eager to get the book listed there? That's just asking for trouble.

Yesterday on Labor Day, we wanted to do something fun, so we headed up to San Francisco, where it was going to be a lot (think 20-30 degrees) cooler than it was where we live. Travel motto for San Francisco: bring a jacket.

It was very sunny in this part of SF yesterday, but the Golden Gate bridge, which we should have been able to see from here, was shrouded in fog. It was weird how the sky could be so clear and the bridge so obscured by fog. 

Here is a view of the remains of the Sutro Baths--seven swimming pools built on the coast in the late 1800s.  In this area, it was foggy, as you can see. You get accustomed to foggy and chilly at the coast--it can be 100 degrees inland and 62 degrees and overcast at the beach. 

Here is the Lands End Labyrinth. Be careful not to get lost in the maze!  


  1. Lands End Labyrinth? Man, corporate sponsorship just goes too far!

    How far north is SF from you to be that much cooler? Or is it because it's coastal? I was so disappointed in Oregon's beach. Just... unnatural for it to be that cold in the summer. (Says the Florida Boy)

    1. Oops, should have clarified :) That's Lands End as in the end of the land--the western edge of SF. Not as in the clothing retailer Lands' End :) http://www.weekendsherpa.com/stories/hike-lands-end-labyrinth-san-francisco/

      SF is about 45 miles northwest of us. It's the ocean factor, not the distance north, that makes it so cool (it's on the tip of the SF peninsula--water on three sides). Yeah, you need either a very hardy constitution or a wetsuit to get in the ocean here.

    2. I was kidding about the corporate sponsorship. (I hoped it wasn't that bad.)

      I hadn't realized you were that close to SF, sort of like me and SLC. Probably takes you twice as long to get there. =) Oh, is that what a peninsula is? *wink*

  2. Oh, nostalgia. I used to love watching the fog roll in. So creepy and awesome. Of course, I was living on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, so we were safe. Unless you watched those freaky fog movies . . .

  3. That looks like a fun weekend trip! I love a good foggy coast!